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Top-To-Bottom Deluxe Clean

It’s our job to help you choose the right level of service for your needs. Choosing the right type of service to be performed in your home is the only way to have a successful outcome when you hire a cleaning service. If you insist on purchasing less service than you need, you will be disappointed with the results no matter who you hire.  It is for this reason that we strongly suggest that you start with a Top-To-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning for your first service visit. A General Cleaning or Recurring Maintenance Clean is only recommended if you’ve had professional cleaning within the last four weeks.

In this detailed cleaning all surfaces throughout your home are hand washed or wiped, not dry dusted. This tackles surfaces with tough buildup such as soap scum, caked on dust, food splatter and the nooks and crannies where dust and debris hide. Any build up on your surfaces must be removed as much as possible before starting recurring maintenance cleans.

  • Ceiling fans, chandeliers within reach will be hand wiped, ones that sit very high or are very fragile will be dusted with a gentle extendable duster 

  • Light fixtures within 2-step ladder reach (hand washed in place/not removed)

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Shutters (hand wiped)

  • Moldings & woodwork, windowsills, & lock ledges (hand wiped)

  • Baseboards (hand wiped, reachable without moving furniture)

  • Uncluttered shelves (hand wiped)

  • Furniture (polished, fronts, sides, legs)

  • Top of refrigerator (hand wiped)

  • Outside of appliances cleaned / inside microwave

  • Stovetop, grates or drip pans scrubbed

  • All Cabinet front doors (hand wiped)

  • All Doors and door frames (hand wiped)

  • Light switch plates (hand wiped)

  • Counter tops & backsplashes (hand wiped/washed)

  • All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)

  • Mirrors (cleaned)

  • Tub/shower & tiles (double scrubbed for build up)

  • All bathroom counters & fixtures (hand wiped)

  • Stairs (vacuumed)

  • Floors (vacuumed &/or damp mopped)

* We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will be dusted with an extension duster. We cannot move heavy furniture, but we will try to reach all surfaces either by hand or with an extension duster. Some homes have at least one chandelier or vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand.

* We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning. Excessive build up may require ultra-sonic mini-blind cleaning or you may choose to replace the mini-blinds.  

*Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave, we try to limit the dust in the air by using our technique of wiping your surfaces with a damp or saturated microfiber cloth but we cannot prevent this entirely.

*At your cleaning we thoroughly clean your floors. We use products and equipment that is safe for even the most finicky of flooring such as bamboo and hardwood floors. Please know that we cannot guarantee white glove results on your floors after just 1 cleaning. Hard flooring and carpeting should be deep cleaned by a carpet cleaner or flooring specialist once a year. If you would like us to clean your floors twice, 2 times at your cleaning, please let us know and we will add on a small fee to do so. 

We do have a minimum of $300 for this clean. Of course, you may choose a budget over the minimum just not under.

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